Cork dual stars treated like “second class citizens”

Cork dual star Briege Corkery.

Cork dual star Briege Corkery.

THE Cork Ladies Football Board has hit out at a statement released yesterday by the LGFA in which its dual players will potentially face another fixtures clash on August 15 despite negotiations between the LGFA and Camogie Association.

The board wrote to the LGFA last week flagging the potential clash should Cork defeat Meath in the All-Ireland qualifiers on August 3 to face Galway in the quarter-final on August 15, the same day Cork camogie could potentially be in the All-Ireland semi-final. However, in a statement released yesterday by LGFA, the fixture on August 15 can not be changed due to broadcasting issues with its sponsors TG4.
Speaking on behalf of the Cork Ladies Football Board, secretary Kieran Keane said:
“Our dual players are second class citizens. If it happened that the dual stars in the men’s game had a football match at 3pm, there’s not a hope the hurlers would be asked to go play at 6pm.
“The only way that anything will ever change is if a ladies dual star gets seriously injured, and it is going to happen some day.”
Regarding the potential clash on August 15, the LGFA stated: “The potential clash on August 15 was discussed by both associations. The Cork ladies footballers must first play Meath before any clash arises. Regardless of whether it is Cork or Meath that do play that fixture on August 15, it is one that TG4 will be broadcasting live on the day.

“The LGFA has a responsibility to our sponsors, broadcasters and the nearly 100 players affected by this fixture to give clarity regarding fixtures allowing counties and their management teams to plan their season as far in advance as possible. It is impractical and unworkable to attempt to plan a fixture list based on possible clashes between different codes that may never arise.”

Irish Examiner,

July 24, 2015


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