Headed for the English Premiership…kind of!

Well folks,

Apologies for the delay in my latest attempt at a blog, but been busy, busy, busy with the Cork ladies footballers winning their 17th All-Ireland title and not having a clue of what’s going on in my college course.

My timing to head to Portugal for a bit of freckle fun couldn’t have come at a better time.

Whilst there I shall be attending the Women’s Champions’ League final in Lisbon (20 minutes from a rented apartment in the lovely Cascais), which will be fairly cool especially given the fact that the best female player in the world, Marta of Brazil, will be in action with her Swedish team.

Oh, and on more soccer news, I got a lovely email last week from Continental Tyres, who sponsor the women’s Premiership in England, asking me would I play on an Irish female media team on Friday, June 13!

So, they’re going to provide free flights, transfers and accommodation at the Hilton, onsite at the FA’s brand new five-star training facility, St George’s Park – ie. where the England men’s and ladies soccer teams train! I did an ole Google and found it, and it’s preeeee-tttttteeeeee amazing!

FA HQ: St George's Park

FA HQ: St George’s Park

Check out a virtual tour of the place for yerselves – http://www.thefa.com/st-georges-park-360.htm.

So, I think that’s my news really kids. I’ll try post a blog beach side with Ronaldo, and if not from an Irish bar in Lisbon amongst Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid fans who didn’t get tickets for the men’s final…. that’s if I’m still standing after the Heineken Cup final!

Alrighty, turn on, tune in and cop out! )




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